QC Profile

General Process For Quality Control


A- Raw material Quality Control


1.Our QC will check the raw material firstly


  1)whether it has cutting burr or not


  2)whether the appearance of raw material is smooth


  3)whether the overall dimension is precise or not,like the size which it is fit for the requirement.


2. Our QC will test the material by machine though the Raw material supplier will provide the material certificate in each batch. If necessary, QC will also test the material by Local Testing Laboratory or SGS Testing Laboratory.


If the material is OK, we will receive the material, otherwise, the material will be rejected.



B-Procedure Quality Control


Item No. Procedure Technology QC key points
1 Cutting the raw material Use cutting machine Inspecting the length
2 Processing thread Use the CNC machine operating Checking the thread whether it is precise or not
3 Processing the oil cylinder


To adjust the hardness with heat treatment



Checking up the hardness of inner oil cylinder whether it is fit for the physical requirement or not

4 Assemble To adjust the hydraulic pressure oil mass Confirm whether the precise oil mass is fit for the process requirement
6 Packing By hand It must be elegent packing



C-Finished Product Quality Control


1)Test the pressure whether it is suitable or not


2)Check the appearance whether it has abrasion or not


3)Checking the box whether it is ok or not


That is all the procedure for us to check the product to satisfy our customers.